At Phoenix Mechanical, we’re not just a team. We’re a family. Founded in 1971, by Bob Draper, we continue to operate with family values, hard work, and a friendly attitude. We complement each other’s roles, we check each other’s work, and we have each other’s backs. That cohesion, more than anything else, is how you know you can trust our results.

Mechanical Phoenix is co-owned by Ky Sturges, Kabir Cain and Jason Struck


Ky began his tenure at Phoenix Mechanical only a couple short years ago, in 2017, though everyone talks about him like he’s been around forever. The DIY shop is Ky’s realm, helping those do-it-yourselfers find whatever they need to start and complete a project. In fact, every single item Phoenix orders, from the DIY shop to commercial jobs, goes through Ky. Given that, it’s no wonder that Phoenix Mechanical’s entire warehouse inventory is catalogued within Ky’s head! That, and his more than ten years’ experience with a wholesale plumbing company, truly gives Phoenix an edge when it comes to knowledge about vendors and supply chains.

Ky is an incredible mechanic, a brisket and smoked meat master, and he has a knowledge of all mechanical supply chains everywhere, in this universe or any other.


Kabir has been with Phoenix Mechanical for 17 years, and is experienced in virtually every service that Phoenix provides, especially troubleshooting and tech. diagnostics. He enjoys the freedom and movement that go with his position, moving between three and six job sites a day. Typically, he goes in, diagnoses a problem, and fixes it if he has the part. If he doesn’t have the part, he’ll get what he needs and reconstruct the equipment, he says, like putting a puzzle together.

Kabir enjoys how often his work has him outdoors, providing him with a connection to the seasons, and he loves bringing water, power and heat to homes and schools. Kabir philosophically states that his job is to bring the living and home aspects together to assist in providing basic needs, which pretty well sums up Phoenix Mechanical’s role in our community.

Kabir is married with two children and a stepson and enjoys walking the dog and spending time with his family. As a child, Kabir dreamed of working on and in houses, surrounded by “mechanical stuff” that at the time seemed scary and fragile, and has now essentially turned a childhood dream into his bread and butter. Now he can’t imagine living any other way. 


Back in 1997, Jason left the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps to shake hands with Bob Draper and begin learning the trade of plumbing. After several good years at Phoenix, Jason took an opportunity in Albuquerque, where he moved and began a family of his own. While there, Jason continued his education in the field, and before long, returned to Taos, a better plumber – and pipefitter – than before.
When he came back to Taos, Jason once again shook hands with Bob Draper, and the rest, as they say, is history. Jason’s children are now mostly grown, with one working for the County Highway Department, another at Real Eyes, Taos, and his youngest is now enrolled in drivers’ education while attending Taos High.

Jason loves the versatility of his job and the fact that he never stops learning. He says Phoenix Mechanical’s service is the best in the industry, and it’s available 24/7 with technicians who are always on call. He enjoys his working relationships a great deal, saying “Phoenix is one big family.”